Active Fortnight- Sports Day

Our school’s Sports Day took place on Tuesday 12 June 2017. We participated in a lot of different and interesting sports. First, each team did their chants and walked to their lines. Then, each class took turns in their races. First was the running race, then the egg and spoon/sack race and then the javelin. Finally, there was the obstacle course where we crawled under small arches and hopped on space hoppers. It was a lot of fun.

-Juliet Trenaman, 2nd Class

Active Fortnight- Skip N Rope

The children (and staff!) at Whitechurch National School are all having great fun taking part in Active Fortnight.

Today we all took part in a Skip N Rope workshop with Coach Mark McCabe. Every class spent half an hour learning lots of new skipping skills and then a few students from each class demonstrated each skill. Here are some pictures and videos taken from the showcase.

National Active Schools Week 2018

In April we took part in National Active Schools Week. We decided that we were going to try to run the distance from Dublin to London. But we ran to London and beyond!

We also exercised for 10 minutes a day at 10:15am. These exercises included stretches, jumping jacks and dances. We are looking forward to our school’s active fortnight in June where we will have fun activities every day!

Tristan Magennis, Active School Committee, 2nd Class

Here are some photos of the Junior and Senior Infants enjoying Active Schools Week.